Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mama always said I was "special." Last night definitely proved that point!

So last night I went out with some wonderful ladies for dinner and it was, as always, an absolute blast!!! It was great catching up with you all and the laughs were definitely needed. Beth, we missed you though. After dinner I went to Cyndee & David's house to anxiously await a phone call from Kimberly. Her boyfriend, Tony, had planned to propose to her last night and she said yes!! I stayed there until a little after midnight and decided to come home and crash.

As soon as I pulled into our driveway it hit me! OH SNAP!! I can't get in the front door because we don't have a front porch at the moment. It's been an eventful week at our house so the last thing I wanted to do was wake up Mom & Dad. I cringed as the garage door opened and closed but thankfully they were both sound asleep and didn't hear it. Next thing I realized was that no one has a flippin key to the back door and Mom locks it every night before going to bed. Literally holding my breath as I walk up to the door, I try to turn it and sure's locked. What should I do? If I knock then they'll have to wake up or be startled. So for some reason I decided to try and sleep in the utility room...aka Dad's office. Thankfully I had some sweat pants in my bag that I could wear. So I curled up with a blanket I found out there and used my jeans as a pillow. Sure enough, I couldn't go to sleep. My mind raced back and forth about recent events (let's just save that for another post) so I looked around the room for any other things I could wear since it was getting a little cold so thankfully I found two socks. I think one belonged to each of my parents but hey, socks are socks. I then noticed a long sleeve t-shirt on Dad's chair and thought, "SCORE!!!" So I put that over my current shirt and curled back up to try and sleep.

After sleeping about 20 minutes, I woke up. I then remembered there was a sleeping bag in the trunk of my car. Going back out to the car would require opening and closing that loud garage door again and potentially risk waking up my parents. "CRAP!" Yeah, I typed crap so don't let the little ones read this haha. At this point I got to thinking that once they saw me just laying in the floor that morning might cause a negative reaction and tons of thoughts to race through their mind so laying down might not be a good idea.

Three o'clock rolled around and I saw a light on!! Sweet action my friends, sweet action indeed. Then, the light went off. I didn't want to run up to the door and knock b/c that might freak them out at three in the morning. Soooo I sent Dad a text message asking him to unlock the door. HOME SWEET HOME! Why did I not just knock on the stinkin door when I got home? Both parents asked that question. I was trying to be nice but ended up being "special" in that moment. (I'm using Dad's definition of special in this on and it means: stupid-in a loving way of course.)

After all this rambling I do have a Jesus note to end it. I am so thankful for where the Lord has brought me. Last night gave me a very tiny glimpse to what being homeless might be like. No, I wasn't in pain or suffering but I certainly didn't like the cold, concrete floor of that utility room. I, like most Americans, am quite comfortable in my way of living. The path I was going down a few years ago would have gotten me into more trouble, in a lot of debt and more than likely separated from my family. I am soooo thankful that our Father pulled me out of that dreadful hole!! And thankful that I get to live in that comfy house with my fabulous parents.

Goodnight all. I've got some sleep to catch up on. Goodness knows I don't need two "special" moments in one week.


I caved...

Yep, I got sucked in!!! I knew it was just a matter of time before it happened...

Stay tuned.