Wednesday, August 3, 2011

all over the place.

since when is this blog not sporadic?

10 lbs down....90 to go. But hey, I'm 1/10 of the way there! Over the next 11.5 weeks there are SO many things happening. The first event is a big move. God opened the door for me to move in with one of my best friends, Cara, at the end of this month. The way it has worked out has been nothing short of God. I am reminded quite often as to just how faithful He is. I remember singing "He's An On Time God" at the choir reunion and an tearing up as I think of the lyrics. He really is. The last few weeks, it has been evident to see his hand at work. I know that He's always at work in the world around us but it's such an encouragement to actually see it.

Keeping with the chaos, here's most of my schedule from now til the end of October. Just off the top of my head, there are 3 birthday celebrations, at least 1 bridal shower & 3 weddings. Not to mention, 2 weeks off of the phones at work (can I get a WHOO HOO?!?!) to help new hires in OJT (on the job training). That last part is kinda terrifying but a great opportunity. Those are just the things I can think of at the moment. It will all be great things, just a bit tiring/overwhelming at times.

At the end of that time span, I am so excited to say there is a trip planned and reserved for a weekend away with some very dear friends from Chattanooga. It's just a simple weekend in Blue Ridge, Ga. but I have to admit, that cabin is not too shabby. :)

Here's to apparently even more new beginnings and the joy of the Lord that has been revealed even more lately.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

3 Down

Well, I officially started back to Weight Watchers on Tuesday, July 5. Seriously, who wants to start any type of diet or anything right before or on a holiday? Not this chick! The goal is to lose 100 lbs. Ugh, it bugs me to have to type that but it is what it is. Only thing to do from here is lose it. So 3 down and 97 to go. Gotta start somewhere.

Short and is possible!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Repeat...New Beginnings...AGAIN!

It's no secret that consistency is something that I struggle with. Doubt me? Look at the track record but I won't point that out here....not the point. :) A while back I kept track of my weight loss goals and milestones and like many other things, that took a back seat to other things that seemed more captivating.

That being said, I will be using this blog as my sense of accountability with it. To keep track of the journey of getting unfat....again. Yes, I know unfat isn't a word but since when has that stopped me before? Some might view it as getting healthy and yes, that's the number one focus. To be healthy and in good shape. The goal is to do another half in January or February of 2012 but to get in that condition, it will require the start of training and losing weight. Sadly, they go hand in hand. :D

Lately, I've had a pity party in this aspect of my life. Allowing myself to feel defeated because I've completely reversed all the good done since 09. That was accepting the circumstance and not conquering. No more. That crap is for the birds. It doesn't define me. Christ defines me based on the sacrifice He made for our sins on the cross. The future doesn't define me (regardless of if I'm ever super thin, married, huge, single, etc). Matthew 6:33-34 is my new core verse. "33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

With that, it's not about the circumstances, it's about God's purpose & bringing glory to Him. Here's to becoming healthy and getting thin to accomplish more things that He has allowed me more time on this earth to do. To glorify Him in living order to do that, being healthy is a must.

WOO HOO! Here's to new mercies and new opportunities. I have to believe....He's got it.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HIS timing.

I find it humorous that I so often try to plan things out and try to imagine where I'll be down the road. Whether it's next week or next year, I really have no clue. A year ago, I was going to team meetings for a dear friend's Tres Dias weekend, working part time and going to school full time. Little did I know that a new friend would invite me to her small group about a week later and then so much would change. I was also still coming to terms with the fact that my file would be closed with the adoption reunion registry due to no response from either biological parent. Since then, I have a full time job in Chattanooga, a new church family, have met my biological mother (& the rest of our biological family on that side), spoken to my biological father on multiple occasions and have moved to Chattanooga and basically started a new life for myself...only by the grace and guidance of God.
Had someone told me a year ago that this is where I'd be, I would have laughed at them...a lot. It all comes down to HIS timing and HIS grace. That's the only explanation as to why I'm here now. Recently I have doubted the decision to move and questioned the reasons of this transition. Sadly, I must admit that I had let frustration set in on with where God has me. Ready for this? I'm not perfect and am far from it actually. Shocking, I know. :) It's mind blowing to sit back and think about the fact that He has a plan. Always has, always will. Not only does he have a plan, but it's not a plan that will change on a whim. With that, after some fit pitching and venting...and major needed time in the word, I'm making the choice to embrace what HIS timing has brought. Thankfully, He knows what He is doing. What's next? Don't as me. :)