Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HIS timing.

I find it humorous that I so often try to plan things out and try to imagine where I'll be down the road. Whether it's next week or next year, I really have no clue. A year ago, I was going to team meetings for a dear friend's Tres Dias weekend, working part time and going to school full time. Little did I know that a new friend would invite me to her small group about a week later and then so much would change. I was also still coming to terms with the fact that my file would be closed with the adoption reunion registry due to no response from either biological parent. Since then, I have a full time job in Chattanooga, a new church family, have met my biological mother (& the rest of our biological family on that side), spoken to my biological father on multiple occasions and have moved to Chattanooga and basically started a new life for myself...only by the grace and guidance of God.
Had someone told me a year ago that this is where I'd be, I would have laughed at them...a lot. It all comes down to HIS timing and HIS grace. That's the only explanation as to why I'm here now. Recently I have doubted the decision to move and questioned the reasons of this transition. Sadly, I must admit that I had let frustration set in on with where God has me. Ready for this? I'm not perfect and am far from it actually. Shocking, I know. :) It's mind blowing to sit back and think about the fact that He has a plan. Always has, always will. Not only does he have a plan, but it's not a plan that will change on a whim. With that, after some fit pitching and venting...and major needed time in the word, I'm making the choice to embrace what HIS timing has brought. Thankfully, He knows what He is doing. What's next? Don't as me. :)