Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Heart Hurts

Maybe it's the fact that I just finished looking at pictures from the Russia trip in February.  Maybe it's the fact that our world is in complete chaos and disarray.  Maybe it's the fact we were created for so much more....but my heart hurts.  We need Jesus.  Our families need Jesus.  Our world needs Jesus.

Every single time you turn on the news you will see devastation.  No, I'm not being dramatic.  I'm being real.  We all see the impact of cancer, heart attacks, divorce, depression, etc within our own country and even our own families.  We see violence within our country and now the pain from ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the battle of Russia and Ukraine, the fights between Israel and Hamas and the list goes on.  I catch myself begging for Jesus to come back but then I feel such conviction because there are so many people that don't know who God is.  They don't know that Jesus not only died for their sins but also came back and will come back again!  Guys, they don't know what a hug from a believer feels like or what freedom from religion is.  That because of the cross, they can move forward trusting that there is more to life than emptiness and death.  My heart hurts.

I know we can't all go outside of the USA but we can go to our jobs, the streets, our homes, schools and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We don't have to shove Christ down their throats but we can be intentional about loving them.  Is it easy?  No way.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely.  I'm typing this just as much for myself as I am for anyone else .  No cliche or cheesy sayings, just what I'm thinking and praying about.  So whether it's down the street or across the world, let's go.