Friday, May 8, 2015

For The Women Who Aren't Moms on Mother's Day...You Matter, Too

Personally, I love Mother's Day because moms should be celebrated.  They do so much for their husbands, children and communities in general.  I have to admit though, when you don't have children (or a husband), you feel as though you don't measure up in a lot of ways in the big picture. 

This post is for:

* The women who long to be a mother but it just hasn't happened yet.  Whether you're married and unable to conceive or single and longing to have a family one day.
* The women who had children but have lost them in any sense of the word.

For the women who have tried without ceasing to conceive, my heart hurts for you.  I never want to say "I know how you feel" because I don't.  I don't have answers as to infertility or why some things just happen for some and not for others.  What I do know is that you aren't defective because of that.  You still have so much to give to those around you, possibly adopted children or little brothers/little sisters and etc.  Just because you haven't become a mother yet, doesn't make you any less of a woman or less of an asset to society.

For the women who have lost a child, I can't fathom what you feel, especially this weekend.  You poured your heart and soul into planning a future for that child.  You bonded with, prayed for and pushed them to be their best.  No one will ever replace them (whether you're separated by death, life decisions, a strained relationship, etc...).  You aren't forgotten and you're certainly no less of a mother.  If you haven't been told that you're loved recently, please know that you are.   

For the single women who long to be a mom.  To an extent, I get it.  Sure, I'm only 30 but the clock ticks on occasion and it's so difficult to find a place to "fit in" when you're friends are getting married left and right and popping out babies.  I can understand the conflict of being so happy for your friends but wondering just when you'll get the honor of being more than just the fun/crazy aunt.  I'm sorry for the days you feel like you'll never know what it's like to have that child run to you or cry for you.  I can't promise that you'll know that but I can promise that you still matter and still have a sweet joy of getting to pour into the lives of kids around you.  Take it from Aunt Jen, it's actually quite fun to leave when the moods of the kids change and to not wake up in the middle of the night. 

If Mother's Day is hard for you, know that you still matter and you still have a calling on your life.  Live out your passion and pursue holiness along the way.  You're still stunning and you do matter.