Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok so I'm going to add a funny quote from Ella in this update. Thanks to Mary Beth, I am enjoying a lovely song she taught us this weekend, "SMRT, you are so smart." Well, I got Ella to sing that to Eric tonight and after singing it correctly a few times she said, "MSRT, I am so smart." I have to admit, that made me laugh...a lot.

This weekend was so much fun and such a blessing. It was nice to just get away for a few days and relax. I, along with all the other ladies, needed that. I really enjoyed getting to know you all better and just straight chillin w/my girls. Gotta keep it gangsta!!

Accountability update...I have now lost 7.6 lbs in the past 3 or so weeks so that is a nice start. I go first thing tomorrow morning to register for classes and am so excited. I'm sticking with the Psych. major but Shana made me think the other night and for that I am thankful. In all honesty, I haven't prayed about this near as much as I should have. Definitely a much needed thing. Believe me now yo, I'ma prayin!!

This weekend it gets finalized. I'm finally going to meet up with Wes in Kennesaw on Saturday to give him his stuff. It's relieving to get it over with but at the same time it's so strange. For 9 months or so, marriage was definitely the mindset I had and thought was coming but now, that mindset has to leave. I'm glad we're not together anymore and am thankful for the "signs" but I'm a girl and do miss having someone by my side at times. In all honesty, I'm finally coming into a place where I'm good with not having that extra priority in my life. With so many things changing, it gives me some time for new things. I look forward to dating again when the time is right.

So that was basically random and all over the place but seriously, did you expect anything other than that?

Peace out!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some goals for the next year.

Some may be curious as to why I'm posting these. I'm the queen of starting something and not finishing. It's a habit have had since I was a child and I don't want it anymore. I need accountability...I'm a slacker at times. I want to be a better example and witness and being a slacker doesn't necessarily help in those areas.

1. Grow closer to Christ. Sounds cheesy huh? Perhaps, but it's true. I want to know Him more and learn more about His character. Maddie really pushes me to desire that. Her thirst for knowledge in the Bible is so great. She loves Jesus and reads her Bible all the time. If a 5 year old can do that, why can't I as an adult? The Lord pursues me on a daily basis and I reject those pursuits time and time again. That's so silly and selfish of me. I want it from an earthly man but not from my Father in Heaven? That just doesn't add up. He's the one that is worth the time and effort. My focus needs to be on Him.

2. Lose weight. I want to be healthy and in shape. Yes, I DEFINITELY want to be thin but I do need to look out for my health too. I don't know what runs in my biological family and that's a little frightening. Plus, I've got 4 flipping weddings to go to over the next year(that's another blog topic in itself). One of which I am April. I want to lose at least 80 lbs. 4 down...76 to go!!!! It won't be easy but it's HAS to happen.

3. Become more organized. With starting back to school I'll need it. I need an organized environment to study in and will have to keep up with more stuff from classes. This will cut down on stress levels tremendously! Again, another weak point but it will be a good thing to do.

There are many more but those are the 3 main ones for now. They are rather big ones but they are important. If you see me step out of line...pop me. I give you permission. Just don't tell Eric that ok?

Whirlwind of emotions and changes.

That about sums up my life right now. I feel like such a girl. Yes, I know that's a good thing considering the fact that I am a girl but I'm sure you know what I mean. There is so much change going on right now. Change is a good thing and I'm thankful for it because God definitely uses it but it certainly seems overwhelming at times.
I don't understand how some people can't really feel emotion. It's heart breaking to think that some people in this world go through life never really caring for or deeply connecting with another human being. It really baffles me and just makes me want to cry every time I think about it. I know that God can use those people but I wonder how. What do they do about the "age of accountability?" Do they even have one? Is it possible for them to comprehend the love of Christ?
I am so thankful for where God has brought my family. He is still working and I'm so glad because there's no telling where we'd be without His hand in our lives. I look forward to seeing how He continues to work things out.
School...Yep, I'm going back to Dalton State in August-full time. I don't think I've ever been this excited about college. Hey, remind me of that in 6 months or so when I'm tired of it. :) I am basically starting over and am glad. I am trying not to look at things as if I'm behind anymore...that just bums me out and I'm not a fan of that feeling. I'm going to get my Associates Degree in Psychology. I'm not entirely certain of what I'll do with it but I'm seriously considering becoming a Child Life Specialist or a Child Psychologist. Either way, I'm really wanting to get in the mind of a child and see all the things that contribute to their behavior, thoughts and etc... I want to do what I can to help them.
Oh and we're going to re-do my room this summer. I'm looking forward to that because this room is OLD SCHOOL! Um...not that there is anything wrong with that. Ha. It's going to be a long process but it will be worth it. Plus, it looks like I'm going to be here through college so I might as well enjoy the scenery. Did I ever tell you that my family is awesome? Because they certainly are. My lovely sister helped me clean out my room on Saturday and that was a chore. That's actually what started the re-decorating discussion so I'm pumped.

Ok so that's enough rambling for this one. I'm probably about to post one or two more blogs just to get it all out. Thanks for reading and beware...If you think I'm a long winded talker, I'm sorry... it can be worse with typing. :)