Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Comparisons 2.0.

Back in 2013 I shared a post regarding COMPARISONS and how much they suck.  While that's still my stance, I'm seeing more and more people battling them and it breaks my heart.  I'm just as guilty as the next person for allowing myself to be defeated by the comparisons I place on myself in regards to others.  Those comparisons shouldn't be a measuring stick for our happiness and joy.  Happiness can be taken away but sincere joy comes from Christ.  We have to choose to see that and believe it at times but it's true.  There's a sparkle that brightens and dims based off our joy I think.  When we are redirecting our goals and our standards towards Christ, that light not only shines on us but also IN us.  Joy is that sparkle and one of the fruits of the spirit that we often lose sight of in the midst of those comparisons.

Men, women and children face comparisons of a wide variety and while it's not fair, it doesn't change the fact that we each have a battle.  We must hold our thoughts captive and turn our eyes towards God and His Word.  Is it easy?  Absolutely not.  But no one ever promised simplicity or ease with this life.  We were actually promised trials along the way but with those trials come character, refinement and a painful process called sanctification.  Y'all, those things mean that He hasn't and won't give up on us!!!!  Did you read that?!  HE HASN'T AND WON'T GIVE UP ON US!  What sweet relief. 

When I find myself smack dab in the middle of comparing myself to someone else for an ability or lack thereof, I can let it break me or push me to evaluate where God has me.  I've shared before that there have been times I felt like God was preventing or prohibiting me from getting to move forward but it's been such a beautiful process to see that He's been protecting and preparing.  I'll admit that it wasn't until I accepted that reality that I was able to step back outside of my circumstances and see truth for what it was.  I want to encourage you to do the same.  Take a step back, breathe and ask God to show you where it is He's refining and pursuing you.  He wants you to find that sincere depth and joy in Him, not in others or their opinions of you.  He's got you and won't be giving up anytime soon.  Keep moving forward.